Reborn of the crouching tiger

Yo folks. It’s been awhile since I’ve last update. Been busy with tons of things on hand and in mind. In fact, they are not sorted out yet. So, this will be a short update.

Still in the same situation as before. As much as I wanted to get of it, things are pretty much the same…shitty stuff keep surfacing. I reckoned that it’s only a matter of time before i get it all sorted out…

Life has been hectic. In fact too hectic for my likings. And i spent the little time left just surfing the net, reading other blogs. Ok, while im on it, just like to mention Finicky Feline. think she’s kinda cool, if u may say that. Go read and see what I mean. But hell, not going to link her here though. Go google her nick and u’ll find it.

That’s all, Im going back to the world that bites…Reality….

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I'm a sick man
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2 Responses to Reborn of the crouching tiger

  1. FF says:

    Aw so sweet. hehehe.

  2. Ants says:

    hahaha… actually this is the 2nd time i’ve mentioned ur blog…

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