When days like these can really mean nothing…

there u go. work has hit a new high. taking on more responsibilities with no significant increment in sight. nnb.

Euro 08 ended on a sad note; for me, that is… was winning a few grand and lost it all from quarters on. every bet i made was wrong… but guess it’s ok.. BPL starting soon..must recoup!!!

It’s a weird july. I’ve been spending alot more than usual, on things that i don’t even know. haha. And to top it up, car insurance, road tax and season parking all come one after another… was sucked high and dry, literally…

was meaning to meet up with some old pals but couldn’t find the zest to do it. just want to go home or holed up in some pubs and have a quiet drink. kaoz, think im starting to feel my age liao… only thing that managed to get me out of my hse is football..ok, at least that’s healthy…

 til then again… have a good one.

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